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Cool Concert
(with Polly and Rick)
Product #B8832

Note: This set was a KB Toys exclusive.

guitar backpack
blue, yellow, and aqua dress
silver, orange, and white jacket
silver, orange, and white skirt
yellow, orange, and blue top
yellow, orange, and blue pants
light pink and red top
red and light pink pants
blue and yellow hat
aqua, blue, and yellow pair of shoes
orange pair of shoes
blue pair of boots
red pair of boots
white and red top
black pair of pants
orange, silver, and white top
silver and orange pants
yellow, aqua, and blue top
blue and yellow pants
aqua, blue, and yellow jacket
aqua pants
silver and white jacket
red and white hat
red, blue, and white pair of shoes
silver, orange, and blue pair of shoes
orange and pink tambourine
yellow and blue tambourine
orange and pink guitar
yellow and blue guitar
orange and silver microphone on stand
yellow and silver microphone on stand